Shayla Hunter

Shayla Hunter is a visual content and brand strategist. She contacted me to build her website with a very clear and defined vision of what she wanted for it.

We started by going over her goals and her content. I gathered her portfolio images, content and preferences for her about page. 

I built her a website that shows off her visual portfolio and a clear way to get in touch with her.

Project 2021

Project 2021 is a resistance campaign to showcase original work by artists as they process the world in today's political climate. It also raises money for a few causes I think are really important.

I took on this project because I am passionate about politics and want to contribute by making the world a better place in my own way. This was probably one of the most challenging projects because it required for the website to be heavily customized.  

Emily Moncus

Emily was a pleasure to work with and she still contacts me for some tweaks and changes throughout the year.
Emily is the owner and photographer for Emily Moncus Photography and reached out to have her website redesigned. She already had a logo which helped me figure out her color palette and style. We went for a fresh but personal style so that her photography would be the spotlight of the show. 

She sent me a batch of her photography, her content, and her ideal sitemap (pages she wanted on her website). I then built a first draft of the homepage on a trial plan so that she knew what style I was going for. Once she approved of it, I started the redesign work on her website.

The Cause Bar

The Cause Bar was a cool project to work on because Kristiana knew what she wanted for her website but was also open to suggestions on how the website should be laid out. We went over her strategy over a few calls and gathered the content and images for the website.

I was interested in the concept of the website which was to concentrate on sustainable brands and Kristiana's passion for what she was doing.

Dispersive Technologies

Dispersive Technologies was a full website redesign. The client had specific designs to follow and we needed to make sure that the current website would still be up. So I made all of the changes in the background until the client approved of the newly built website. Of course, some changes had to be made while the pages were live so I decided to work on the weekend when fewer people would visit the website to avoid having any issues.

This website was heavily customized but was also a great challenge for me. I am very proud of the result :)

Lacausa Clothing

This website was built on Shopify. Even though I specialize almost exclusively in building Squarespace websites, I do like to take on some projects that are on ShowIt or Shopify depending on the brand I am working with.

LACAUSA had a great vibe and I loved the concept the brand was supporting. The designs were already done by the client so it was more about customizing the Shopify theme to be like the designs. The platform does have its own language so it was a bit more of a challenge but I worked it out and it is now a pretty cool website :)

Wini Linguvic

Wini reached out for changes and customizations to her website. I often help clients who built their own websites but want to add a bit to it. This website was a pleasure to work on and I could not recommend Wini's yoga classes enough. We chatted on the phone through what changes she wanted to make and we still do sometimes throughout the year when Wini wants to add a custom feature to her website.

Erica Arcuri

Erica reached out for me to build her website last year. She sent me her content, some images she wanted on the website and I provided some images as well. She wanted a clean and friendly website that would show off her services and her newsletter. We picked a color palette that hinted towards health and women  and I used the brush strokes to separate each section to make the navigation of each page clear for its visitors.

Leola Wellness

Leola Wellness is a health & wellness brand I had so much pleasure working with! Leandra was one of my first clients when I started freelancing and trusted my process right away. 
She first reached out to make a couple of changes and fixes to her website. After a couple of months, she needed me to build new pages for her awesome retreats in Hawaii.
If you're looking for healthy recipes and workouts, I would definitely recommend checking out her website!