SEO Checklist for Squarespace

SEO Checklist for Squarespace

Everyone says that you should optimize your website’s SEO. What does that mean?

It means that you want to make sure your website appears on Google when people search for you or your business. To do that, we want to make sure that your website loads fast (no one wants to wait for it to load) and that it’s easily found online.

Here is a quick checklist on what you can do to optimize your website on Squarespace:


  • Make your website secure for all browsers by checking SSL
    Settings > Advanced > SSL
    If your domain was just purchased on Squarespace or have moved your domain to Squarespace, it’s a quick process.
    If your domain is still hosted on another platform, you might have to purchase an SSL certificate.

  • Register your website and submit your sitemap on Google
    I go into details on how to do this here.

  • You want your website to load fast?
    Make sure you have compressed all of the images on your website. I use TinyPng and CompressJpg to compress my images.

  • Make sure you don’t have custom code that you’re not using on your website.

  • Check the AMP option on your website - Settings > Blogging and then tick the AMP checkbox.

  • Connect your website with Google Analytics.


  • Add a site title on your website.

  • Add a description for your business/website.

  • Add a description for each of your pages.

    • A Navigation Title

    • A Page Title

    • An SEO Title

  • Add your hours and business information.

  • Connect your social media accounts.

  • Create a new custom 404 page.

  • Make sure the url for your blog posts and pages make sense and align with your business.

  • Have you moved your website from another platform or have you deleted some pages? Make sure you redirect those pages.

  • Add alt-text to all of your images (this is what Google sees when it looks at your images and it’s what people who have a vision impairment will hear).

  • Add SEO descriptions to all of your pages.

  • Add tags & categories to all of your blog posts so that they are easily organized and found.