How to start an account on Squarespace

Once you enter in your browser URL, you will be presented with 2 choices, either you Create a site on Squarespace or you Start a free trial on Squarespace.

Create a site on Squarespace
Start a free trial on Squarespace

By clicking on either button, you will be prompted to pick a template. To start the account, you don't really need to pick the perfect template right now, you will be able to switch it whenever you are ready to start building your website. As soon as you pick a template, you will be prompted to create a Squarespace account. 

Create a Squarespace account

Once you fill that out, your Squarespace account is created. Congrats!

Below are some questions that you might be asking yourself once your Squarespace account is created.

Can I start a trial, for now, to see if I like Squarespace or not?

You can create as many trial accounts as you want so that is pretty nice in case you're not sure what you want your website to look like yet. However, remember that a trial on Squarespace only lasts 14 days. You might be able to ask for a one-time period of additional 7 days when contacting Squarespace customer support and explain that you would like to have your trial extended but I cannot guarantee that they will do that for everyone.

While your website is on trial, people visiting your website will be prompted to enter CAPTCHA until you make it live. Until then, I would advise you to set up a cover page just in case someone goes to your website and you're not ready for them to see it yet.

What can I do while I'm on a Squarespace trial?

You can pretty much do anything you would be able to do on a paid account except the following:

  • Search engines don’t index trial sites. After signing up for paid service, your site is visible to search engines.

  • Your trial can't be verified by Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools until you upgrade to paid service.

  • If your site is in trial, podcasts can't be submitted to or subscribed to via iTunes.

  • Trial sites can’t accept payments through Squarespace Commerce.

  • Trial sites can't connect to a PayPal Business account.

  • Trials can't license Getty Images.

  • Trials don’t have access to our G Suite integration.

  • Trials can’t use advanced Commerce features like Abandoned Checkout Recovery.

  • If your trial site has more than two contributors, you won't be able to upgrade to the Website Personal plan.

I'm ready to start my Squarespace account but I don't want people to see all of the pages of my website yet.

You have a couple of options:

  • You can either create a cover page which will be the page that you set up as a homepage and that is the only thing your website's visitors will be able to see.

  • You can create a password for the whole website or specific pages you don't want people to see. 

  • You can hide those pages in the Not Linked section of the pages.

  • You can hide the pages from search engines.

Ok, I'm ready to upgrade and start a Squarespace account, what do I do?

Here is a link to the pricing plans offered by Squarespace. Their pricing plans recently changed so I will go over what they cover. 
Note: You can always upgrade your plan if you decide that the one you picked is not for you.

Click Upgrade Now in the trial banner at the bottom of the browser window.

Personal Plan

The Personal plan offers the basic items you would need to have a website up with:

  • unlimited pages
  • a free domain for one year if you get it through Squarespace
  • SSL security (which means better results on Google)
  • 2 contributors
  • web analytics that let you track your users

However, the limiting factor on this plan is that you cannot integrate your website with Mailchimp as easily as on the Business plan and you cannot use custom code except for custom CSS. I know this goes way more than you might need but I would consider those factors in case you decide you might want to add some widgets or customize your website further.

Business Plan

The Business plan includes everything the Personal plan offers and more. With this plan, you can:

  • setup an e-commerce website with a 3% transaction fee
  • you can add custom code and code within your website
  • have promotional pop-ups that are easily customizable
  • Unlimited contributors
  • you can integrate Mailchimp within your website
  • you can add an announcement bar at the top of your website
  • you get 1 free G Suite user/inbox for a year which means that you can customize your email address to your business' name
  • A credit of $100 to spend on Google AdWords

Online Stores

There are two online store plans that will be covered in a future blog post covering how to specifically setup an e-commerce Squarespace website. Stay tuned :)

Once you select the plan that works for you, you select the billing term that you prefer (monthly/yearly), and you can even buy a domain from Squarespace.
You will be prompted to fill out your billing information and when you're done with that. Ta-da! Your website is live!

Do I need a hosting plan?

You will not need to purchase a hosting plan. Squarespace hosts your website for you. If you already have a hosting plan outside of Squarespace, you can cancel it.

I already have a domain/url, what do i do?

If you already have a domain that you purchased outside of Squarespace, there is an easy way to transfer that domain to Squarespace or to connect it to your new website.


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