How to index your website on Google

To increase your Squarespace website's visibility on search engines there are a couple of steps you have to take.

I. Register your site with Google Search Console

By doing that, you are making sure that Google and Bing know that your website exists. Both of them will crawl each of your pages, detecting keywords, page speed, basically making sure your website is what you say it is. 
Registering a website with Google Search Console is something everyone who has a website should do, built on Squarespace or not. 

Registering a Squarespace website with Google Search Console is very easy once you know what to do.

Register your Squarespace website with Google Search Console

You need to make sure that you don't have a site-wide password.

Your domain has to be connected to your website already.

Your website cannot be in trial mode.

Connect to Google Analytics

To verify your site with Google Search Console using our recommended steps, you'll need a Google Analytics account that's connected to your site:

  1. If you don't have a Google Analytics account, sign up here.

To connect Google Analytics to your site:

  1. In the Home Menu, tap Settings, and then tap Advanced.

  2. Tap External Services.

  3. In the Google Analytics Account Number box, enter your tracking ID for this site. For help finding this ID, visit Google's documentation.

  4. Tap Save.

  5. It may take up to 24 hours for site statistics to populate in Google Analytics.

Register for Google Search Console

Go to and log into your Google account.

Enter your primary domain name in the box and click Add Property. Do the following to ensure you're entering your domain correctly:

Enter your primary domain. To confirm your domain is primary, visit Setting a primary domain.

Use your full domain with https:// if your site uses the Secure SSL setting.

Use your full domain with the www prefix, like

Verify with Google Analytics

Google will recommend a verification method based on your domain provider. For the simplest setup, we recommend the Google Analytics method instead. Before you get started, you'll need a Google Analytics account (click on the link above):

Click the Alternate Methods tab.

Check Google Analytics.

Click Verify.

Index your Squarespace website

One of the primary uses for Google Search Console is requesting Google index your site. This forces Google's bots to review your site and helps Google update search results with your new content.

On the Search Console homepage, select the site you'd like to index.

On the left dashboard, click Crawl and then click Fetch as Google, which appears as a child menu item below Crawl.

Leave the text box blank and leave Desktop selected in the drop-down menu.

Click Fetch to see the HTTP response Google received from your page.

Click Request Indexing next to your results.

Check Crawl this URL and its direct links. You can submit up to 10 of requests of this kind per month.

Click Go.

The next step is to wait. According to Google, "Once you submit your URL, you might need to wait for Google to process your request as well as crawl and index the page. 

II. Submit a sitemap to Google Search Console

Once you’ve registered your site with Google Search Console, you should submit an XML sitemap on both platforms, it will index your site quickly and accurately. 

What's great with Squarespace is that they already made one for you when you created all of your pages. The URL for this on your Squarespace site is simply - and you simply need to give Google Search Console this link.

For Google Search Console:

Go to this link:

You will be prompted to select a property which refers to your Squarespace website's url, click on the url you want to submit the sitemap for. You should see sitemap as on option on the menu on the left like on the image below.

Maia Hariton Squarespace Website Designer

And that's it! You're done!


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