How to add custom code to your Squarespace website

*If you want to follow along in a video, scroll to the bottom of the post :)*

So you got some code you want to add to your website or bought a plugin but don't know where to put it?
There are two different places you can set that up depending on what that code is for.

I. I want to add code that I bought for a plugin and I'm ok with it affecting the whole website.

If your code is between <script></script> tags, go to Settings > scroll down to Advanced > Code Injection.
Most plugins will tell you where you should paste the code to, it will either be the Header or the Footer. As a default, you can put the code in the Header.
As a reminder, if you paste the code here, it will affect your whole website.

II. I want to add code that I bought for a plugin and I want it to affect only one page of my website.

Since you just want it to affect one page of your website, you can select the page you are targeting and you will see a chevron on the right side. Click on it and you'll see the options Basic, Media, and Advanced. 
Click on Advanced and paste your code in here. 
Remember to have code between <script></script> if it is javascript code or <style></style> if it is custom css.

II. I want to add code to change some styles on my website

Go to Design > Custom CSS and you can paste your custom code in here.


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