How to add a promo code to your shop on Squarespace

*If you want to follow along in a video, scroll to the bottom of the post :)*

You go to the menu on the left side, click on Discounts and click on the + sign.
In the field called Discount Name, enter a name like FALL50, make sure it makes some sense because that is what people will see when they check out.

You then decide which type of discount you want to offer:

You can have a specific percentage off

A discount if the customer buys over a certain amount

Free shipping (which people looooove)

You will then select what you want this discount to be set for, it can be setup

On entire orders

Specific products in your inventory

Orders over a set amount (for example if a customer buys over $50)

A specific category of products (if all homemade soaps are %50 off)

There is an option to check Promo Code which allows you to create a code that customers must enter to apply the discount. You can also click Generate to create a random promo code but I would suggest for you to use something that will make sense for people like SUNSHINE50.
A starting date and an end date can be applied to the promo code so you don't have to remember to stop it when you want it to end.

You can always edit that promo code and have multiple ones running (which I would not suggest), and you can track how many discounts were used.

My promo code is not working!
You might see a red INVALID note next to your promo code, that means that you either don't have the right Squarespace plan, a product you setup for a discount is not available anymore, a product category does not exist anymore, or you changed your shipping option.


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