How to Create a Coming Soon Page for Your Squarespace Website

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I. What is the cover page and what can you use it for?

A cover page is a standalone page with no navigation bar at the top, it presents your information in a simple way.

The awesome thing about a cover page is that it has multiple purposes:

If you are still building your website, it's a great 'coming soon' page to give some information about yourself and what the purpose of your website is.

It's a great homepage or landing page for visitors.

It could be an original 404 page in case there is a missing link or an error on the website where you can redirect people to your homepage.

A new release.

Newsletter page.

Advertise an event and people can sign up through that page.

II.  Why should I use a cover page?

The great advantage of a cover page is that it is available on any plans Squarespace offers. So if you only need one page for a very simple website, I would recommend using the cover page.

III. So many options!

Squarespace offers multiple cover page layouts ranging from a full page video to a simple sign up page.

If you don't want people to see that page in your navigation links, you can drag the cover page to the non-linked section.

IV. When should I avoid using cover pages?

The only downside of a cover page is that you can't really customize it too much. It is possible to add some custom code but it gets pretty tricky. Might as well build an actual page instead.

V. Tutorials on how to build a cover page

How to build a coming soon page with a cover page

How to build a landing page with a cover page


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