8 reasons why I use Squarespace

So you might be wondering why I use Squarespace instead of Wordpress.
First, I believe it's a matter of preference and what you're most comfortable with. I would suggest for you to play around with Squarespace and see if it's a platform that you like.

Here are the main reasons why I love Squarespace:

  1. It has a large selection of many beautiful templates. And if you simply can't decide, then you can switch them any time without losing the content you already have. However, you will lose the styles you previously setup.
    One suggestion if you already started your website and want to switch templates, do the preview mode first.

  2. You never need to worry about potentially harmful plug-ins that break or slow down your website.

  3. Squarespace offers templates that have built-in responsive designs which means that your website will look great on desktop, tablet, and your phone. This is an important feature since Google favors websites that look good on mobile.

  4. The platform backs up your website automatically and if you delete a page by accident, then you can find it in the bin area.

  5. Squarespace has a built-in SEO setup so you don't have to worry about an SEO plugin, you will simply fill out the dedicated fields to optimize your SEO.

  6. Squarespace updates its websites and platform automatically so you don't ever have to go in and manually update anything.

  7. The platform offers an amazing 24/7 support team that will live chat with you or to which you can send an email and they usually respond very quickly.

  8. The websites built on Squarespace are very beginner friendly and you can go in to edit your pages fairly quickly.

If this didn't convince you to use Squarespace then I don't know what will! :)
Please comment any question you have in case you're still not sure if it is the platform for you.


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