Squarespace Website Designer & Trainer

My name is Maia, I’m a web designer, developer and a Squarespace Authorized Trainer specializing in Squarespace, Shopify & Wordpress websites.

From building your brand identity, to designing and building a website that will increase your brand's visibility and lead-generation, I am here to help.

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I started my career as a software engineer in 2014 because I wanted to solve problems to make people’s lives easier.

A year later, I decided to fill a creative void and dove into the design space. After a few years in design and code, I began collaborating with amazing people on really fun projects like web design and web development.

I love teaching and have started creating tutorials so that anyone who wants to use Squarespace to build a website on their own could do it easily.

My aesthetic approach is minimalist with a hint of fun.

You deserve to work with someone who will listen to you, be responsive, and communicate in a way that allows you to get your website done quickly and well.

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My Expertise

Web Design & Development Squarespace/Wordpress/Shopify

Project Management

My Latest Projects